KMP Label 20th Anniversary] Masterpiece Series All in One! BAZOOKA Complete Coverage FANZA Exclusive Distribution Grab Bag - New Working Graduates and Intercourse SP - 44 Uncut - 2180 min - New Life Gift Set - Limited Time Offer!

Pantyhose / Tights

Distribution:2022-05-20 10:00:00

Average Review Score: 3.00(16 Reviews)

KMP's hit label BAZOOKA proudly recommends its long-running ironclad series "Working Newly Graduated Office Workers and Sexual Intercourse," a super value grab bag of 11 films featuring 44 beautiful young office workers having sex in their school uniforms, all of which can be viewed. Although the cosiness is great, some say that the repetition of the same scenes makes it hard to watch, and the danger of feeling like committing a crime has also been pointed out. However, the actresses are quite beautiful, so young people who are starting a new life may enjoy this film.

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