Can I go to your house suddenly? Delivery sex to a M-man's house! I'll fuck you until your balls explode! Nao Jinguji

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Distribution:2022-04-01 10:00:47

Average Review Score: 4.71(58 Reviews)

The film 'Can I suddenly go to your home?!' starring the lewd and pheromone-filled Jinguji Nao is a rare perfect amateur work. The scene of Jinguji Nao visiting a private home initially gives a shy impression, but upon arrival, she becomes very bold and exciting. Especially in the final chapter, she continues to stimulate the man's nipples with a fetish parade, leading him to climax. Her slutty play is very skillful, making it a must-see work. The level of eroticism and atmosphere is outstanding, making viewers hope to see her in works from other studios as well. Despite the amateur nature of her partner, her teasing throughout is irresistible. It is also rare for Nao-chan to make a home invasion, bringing a fresh feel to her appearance and atmosphere. Her acting is natural and engaging, providing a compelling performance despite being an amateur. In the end, it seems that she is not completely satisfied, leaving the audience curious about the upcoming developments. However, it is unfortunate that some reviews contain descriptions of the content of the work, which may leave some readers feeling unsatisfied. Overall, it is an enjoyable work as an amateur production.

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